Outreach (Seminar & Fursuit Lecture)

Seminar of Physics at UM

The Seminar of Physics at UM (SPUM) is an unofficial experimental lecture offered to the Department of Physics and Chemistry participants who have a genuine passion for physics studies. We are willing to provide the physics and mathematics basis, covering the contents that the University of Macau’s curriculum doesn’t offer, supplementing the potential theoretical shortcomings of our DPC students. The lecturers are all students, and all the DPC students are welcome to share their self-learning harvests with us in the coming semesters. The homepage of this project is located at my colleague’s web.

I am the lecturer of the experimental course SPUM 102 The tools of the physical tools. The syllabus is available here.

Shortcut on 12/03/2022

Previous recordings:

  • The recording of SPUM101&102: here
  • The recording of SPUM201&202: here
The first lecture of SPUM 102.

Fursuit Lecture

I will occasionally live stream or publish videos on the topics of mathematics and physics in Bilibili, including what I have learned in class and what I have learned on my own. This is not only an application of the Feynman Technique but also a trial to promote knowledge using my audiences’ native language.

Streaming shortcut on 29/08/2021

The costume shown in the video is called a fursuit. This is a visualization of my fursona, Chisen.

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