Cheysen’s remote obsercatory in Huailai, Hebei, China. This photo was taken in July 2021.

I started building my remote observatory in October 2017, and it finally started working in January 2018. All of the equipment, devices, and accessories are chosen and designed by myself. At first, it was just a 70-mm portable telescope. I replaced it with a 25-cm reflective telescope in September 2018. Because of the College Entrance Exam, this site was suspended from January 2019 to August 2019. I used this observatory to take photos of galaxies when I was in Macau. The site was suspended in July 2022 because of the increasing light pollution and studying abroad, and I am looking for a better place to restart it.

Here are the main devices it contains:

All-sky CameraASI178MM
Other CamerasASI130MM, QHY5L-II-M


I used it for nebulae photometry as an amateur astronomer.


I did deep-sky astrophotography with this remote observatory for years. Click here to visit a detailed gallery.

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