Astronomy: Detection, Instance Segmentation, and Classification for Astronomical Surveys with Deep Learning (DeepDISC)

“We implement new deep learning models available through Facebook AI Research’s Detectron2 repository to perform the simultaneous tasks of object identification, deblending, and classification on large multi-band coadds from the Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC).” G. Merz, et al., MNRAS 526, 1122 (2023).

Astronomy: meteor spectra

Advisor: Prof. Chaojian Wu

Automated detection and photometry of slitless meteor spectra captured by DSLRs

Optics: ghost imaging

Advisor: Prof. Hongchao Liu

“As an emerging imaging technique, computational ghost imaging (CGI) has its unique application in image encryption. ” — Y. Liu, et al., Opt. Express 30, 14073-14087 (2022).

A single metasurface is designed to serve as a reusable generator of different keys to encode various secret images in a computational way.”  — P. Zheng, et al., Science Advances 7, eabg0363 (2021)

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